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I am a healthcare practitioner with over 20 years experience as a physician assistant in primary care medicine. I want to share with you the most accurate and scientific information on hormones using rhythmic dosed hormone replacement.

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Hormone Specialist

I have a passion to help women improve their quality of life through hormone replacement. Our female bio hormones (estradiol/estrone/progesterone) decline to zero at some point as we get older, due to the fact that we are born with a set amount of eggs in our ovaries.

  • Board Certified
  • 20+ Years Experience
  • Over 5000 Woman Treated
  • Passion for Hormones

FixaFlash Philosophy

My mission is to change the standard of care and empower women in the process with education, information, and my clinical expertise in the area of hormone replacement.


Three Main Principles that make this so powerful.

Completely Natural Derived

The only hormones I prescripe are made of natural ingredients. No lab-made synthetic ingredients. All derived from plants, extracted and formulated to be pure, nature-made hormones. It is a cream-based medication, so no injections or pills to swallow. Simply apply to your skin each day. The goal is to mimic the body's own hormones, thus no foreign objects are inserted such as pellets, no synthetic ingredients, 100% natural raw hormones.

Completely Natural Derived

Rhythmic dosed hormones follow a normal ovulatory cycle when our hormone levels are optimal and we have full functioning ovaries. I use reputable pharmacies who are trained in rhythmic dosing to compound transdermal hormone creams in percentages that are perfect to restore hormone balance appropriately.


I don't believe in a one-size fits all approach. Each woman has their own unique makeup, and must be treated to fit that makeup.Before I prescribe you anything, I will order you blood work so I can assess the protocol's dosage best fit for you. As you progress, you will periodically take blood work so I can continue to readjust when needed.



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    Twenty Reasons to Replace Hormones Rhythmically

    My philosophical and scientific approach to hormones.


Hear experience from some of my patients.

Karen K.

I am on my second month of estrogen and progesterone creme with Grethen Jones and to my joy my hot flashes are gone.

Karen K.
Laura C.

I want to share some positive news. I have been on hormones now for 6 full months and I am feeling so much better. Working with Gretchen has been a godsend. Her patience and willingness to answer my questions and explain the nuances of Hormones has been so helpful.πŸ’š

Laura C.
Astria K.

I have been with Gretchen for two years, and she's literally saved my life all of the problems that you're having I was in the same situation.

Astria K.
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If you came to this website, you are probably also wanting to get answers and help with your hormones. I’m glad you did! My practice is driven by my passion to change the standard of care and help women regain their sense of self back. Spend an hour with me one on one and let’s change your future!

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